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Notaries who are certified have passed a test that demonstrates that they understand the major characteristics of important documents such as the Note, the Deed of Trust, the Right to Cancel, the Settlement Statement, and the Truth in Lending Disclosure.  They know the basic procedures of signing and what to do when there are problems of various kinds during a signing.  The purpose of the test is to help the highly experienced and competent notaries stand out above the rest.  To take the elite test, you must have signed at least 750 loans and have passed the regular certification test. See Link

National Notary Association
Austin Mobile Notary is a NNA Signing Agent Certified (passed the Signing Agent Qualification Exam) and have completed the NNA background screening program which is industry recognized.  In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and FTC Safeguards Rule, which were enacted to safeguard consumer privacy, the lending industry has begun to require background screening and compliance training for all individuals involved in the lending process ó including Notary Signing Agents.  The nation's leading mortgage industry firms are relying on the National Notary Association when they seek highly qualified ó trained, certified, background screened óNotary Signing Agents who can perform their duties properly and ethically.  The NNA Certified and Background Screened designation mean that we have obtained he superior qualifications that secure our ability to work with top title and mortgage services companies. See Link

American Society of Notaries
Austin Mobile Notary is a long standing member of the nationís oldest and most distinguished professional society serving notaries public, and experience the hands-on service and technical support that makes ASN members so loyal.  Our smaller, select membership base enables us to serve you more personally.  Our experienced, commissioned notaries public on staff spend hours each day researching the state notary law to ensure that our technical support is the best it can be.  Expert information and caring, personal service on all our toll-free members only technical support line.  When you have questions regarding notarial procedures, ethics, notary law, forms, and notarial certificates, weíre here for you.!   Members also have access to our Email Q & A service.  The Societyís newsletter, American notary is straight-talking, informative articles on the notary issues that interest you-thatís what youíll get with our American notary newsletter, published six times per year for members and industry friends. The American Society of Notaries is dedicated to providing its members with education, professional service and technical support; promoting high ethical standards; and increasing public awareness of notaries' valuable contributions. See Link

United States Notary Association
This Notary Association was launched in September 2002 to provide service and support to notaries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  They provide a monthly information-packed electronic newsletter which is an unparalleled professional resource for the practicing notary public.  This newsletter keeps us informed on the drafting of new notary legislation, proposed changes in the law and reporting on new laws that have been passed.

Notary Law Institute has 1-step kits to become a notary in Austin an on-line notary courses and self-study notary classes customized to your stateís notary rules.  Since 1990 the Notary Law Institute has enjoyed the highest honor of being the most dependable and respected notary public services provider in America.  We are the nationís leading notary law and rule experts in all fifty states. The Notary Law Institute is America's most respected and prestigious notary training and service provider. We have just one goal: to educate and serve notaries. The Notary Law Institute is unlike any other notary organization. Others are unable to deliver the high results we do.

Notary Directory Listings
In addition to being longstanding members of the above Notary Associations and Societies, Austin Mobile Notary is proud of our affiliation with the various directories listed below.  The directories afford us the opportunity to market ourselves to our client base and we are very appreciative.  Most importantly these directories investigate and research the credentials of their members and we can say to our customers that we have been thoroughly vetted and screened and are in excellent standing with the notary community.

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