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Austin Mobile Notary Service was founded in June of 2000.  We were the first company to introduce the concept of “Mobile Notary Services” about 8 years ago in Downtown Austin and since that time we have developed a loyal following from both corporate and individual clients.  Our mobile notary service company is unlike any other in the country in that our notary publics are not employees.  Rather they are partners who operate their own businesses.  They set their own prices for notary services they provide.  Notary Publics are affiliated with our organization because of our comprehensive platform for marketing, management and most importantly our organizations reputation.         

Each mobile notary affiliated with Austin Mobile Notary Service has been carefully screened for their business acumen, professionalism and personal disposition.  They must both live and work around the Austin area.  In most cases our notary publics are “native (born and raised)” in Austin.  By operating from a geographic location where they are most comfortable, they become familiar with all important city, state and federal offices, consulates and embassies. Also navigating and traveling to different locations in their coverage area becomes second nature allowing them to arrive promptly each and every time.

The common goal shared by all of our notaries whether in Las Vegas Nevada or Hartford Connecticut is to:
“Provide the best possible customer service and highest level of professionalism”.

Over the years, we have raised the level of service and expertise in the “Mobile Notary” business to the highest possible degree.  Each notary is thoroughly trained in all aspects of proper notarization including the National Notary Association Signing Agent Training Course and Certified Signing Agent examination.  Please view the Accreditation Section on our site to find out more details regarding training, affiliations and credentials of the notary who you will be meeting with.

Austin Mobile Notary Service's #1 priority is customer service.  Our corporate and individual clients expect the same level of professionalism from our partners wherever they are located throughout the US including:

• Schedule appointments according to the needs of the client.
• Always arrive on time, dressed in appropriate business attire.
• Bring all required notary supplies for any possible situation.
• Familiarity with various state rules and regulations regarding proper notarial practices.
• Be discreet and always respect the clients privacy regarding sensitive documents or   confidential information.
• Always maintain a friendly and pleasant demeanor.
• Send out invoices immediately
• Conduct themselves with the utmost dignity and respect and be the best possible corporate citizens.        

In todays computerized, digitized and overall impersonal society, there is still a “need” for the NOTARY PUBLIC.  Acting as an impartial witness for important transactions, the Notary has been around since the beginning of time and will continue to perform this vital function for years to come.  We look forward to providing this service for you at your location, at your convenience whenever you need us…. Just give us a call….     

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